Writing for The Carlo Connection

So, you want to write for The Carlo Connection? That’s great! Here are some pointers to get you started…

There are two flavors of content on The Carlo Connection: news items and essays. In either case, you’ll want to email editor@carloconnection.com.

News items can be auditions, show openings, job opportunities, announcements, and other objective information. If it’s the kind of situation where you “want to get the word out,” then it’s a news item.

Essays, alternatively, are more subjective writings–personal, reflective, and most likely opinionated. Views expressed in an essay don’t necessarily reflect the views of the management of The Carlo Connection (or Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre, for that matter), they reflect the views of the living, breathing theatre artist who’s writing them. The Carlo Connection itself isn’t “saying” anything; it’s only trying to be a meeting place for conversation in the industry.

Published essays also pay $20. So there’s that, too.

“But what should I write?”

Great question. Anything. Whatever’s going on in your life right now. That exciting prospect that got you out of bed twenty minutes before your alarm rang. That awful meeting or deadline you’re dreading. That thing you’ve always wanted to write, but might be worried is too off-topic, unpopular, politically-sensitive, uninteresting, boring, offensive, or any number of other excuses. That. The Carlo Connection wants that. Don’t fret–you’ll have an editor watching your back. Write like a madman.

Now some people thrive on “anything,” and other people are paralyzed by it. If you’re the latter, here are some monthly prompts for you:

January: Hope
February: The Human Heart
March: Lucky Break
April: Foolishness
May: Service and Sacrifice
June: Accomplishment
July: Freedom
August: Color
September: Work Ethic
October: Afterlife
November: Thankfulness
December: Family

(But, again, you don’t need to fulfill the prompt to be published.)

Essays should be between 400-700 words. It also helps to tell a story; stories are great for context and containment, and they invariably speak back to the storyteller (which is you). You should expect a few drafts volleyed back-and-forth with your editor to help clarify message and structure.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, you’re intrigued. If you have any lingering questions, email editor@carloconnection.com.

…but if you’re asking for permission, the answer’s “yes,” so get on it already!